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Supascoota Sprint Mobility Scooter

Supascoota Sprint Mobility Scooter

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Model #: ​HD-02
UPC: ​741587303176
Brand: ​Supascoota
MSRP $2,700, MAP $2,285


The Supascoota Sprint challenges the traditional concept of scooter design. The Sprint Model is most popular for travel enthusiasts. The dual-motor drive and suspension seating make it a great option for traveling long distances allow it to easily handle off-pavement use and navigate steeper inclines, making long-distance travel enjoyable once more. Its lightweight design makes it easily portable for vacations, cruises, or strolling the city. Larger weight capacity and suspension seating, all while maintaining its lightweight advantage, makes the Sprint the perfect all-rounder. The Supascoota Sprint can reach a speed of 4mph, travel up to 12.5 miles and has the capacity to ascend an incline of up to 9 degrees.

The Supascoota is designed for maximum portability and superior ride quality. Its modern design focuses on simplicity and elegance, eliminating bulky and heavy plastic that weighs down other traditional scooters. With quick-release mechanisms, the Supascoota can fold down within seconds allowing it to fit comfortably into most vehicles and compact enough for home storage. The results are outstanding; a tough, revolutionary scooter that is leading the way within the portable scooter market.


  • FDA 510K Safety & Durability Tested & Approved
  • Hybrid Foldable, Detachable Travel Mobility Scooter - Folds and Locks for Transport in Seconds Optional Extra Battery Tray - Simply Plug in a Spare Battery to Double Your Travel Distance


  • Ultra-Lightweight and Compact for Superior Portability - Easy to Travel Around in Airports and Hotels Modern Australian Design - Ergonomically Designed for Comfort, Functionality, Safety, & Maneuverability Unit without Battery Weighs just 60 lbs
    Coil Spring Suspension Seating and Pneumatic Tires for Extra Comfort on Uneven Surfaces
  • Coil Spring Suspension Seating and Pneumatic Tires for Extra Comfort on Uneven Surfaces
  • ESC Speed Reduction System: Automatically Reduces Operating Speed to a Safe Level When Turning Powerful Dual Motor Drive- For Superior Performance and Handling Reliability
    Automatic Electromagnetic Safety Braking System
  • Automatic Electromagnetic Safety Braking System
  • Easy to Use Two Speed Fingertip Control for Both Forward and Reverse (Not Twist Grip)
  • Acute Turning Radius
  • High-Quality Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Padded Seat and Back Rest with Adjustable Armrests
  • Height Adjustable Tiller
  • The battery is Easily Removed for Charging Both On or Off Board
  • Can be Stored in Upright Position
  • Armrests, Basket, Bell Chime, SLA Batteries & Charger Included
  • Additional Dual Battery Pack Option For Extended Range
  • Free Shipping (As per reseller)